About Pond Power

Pond Power is a 10 year dream come true. We are a small group of people who have professional experience (several years from working as specialists/consultants) in:

  • Chemistry (postgraduate)
  • Infrastructure and soil construction/contamination
  • Water and waste water systems
  • Geotechnics

Together we started Kraftdammen AB (Eng. Pond Power) which is a company with the main objects of:

  • Breeding and raising swedish crayfish/crawfish (astacus astacus) – an endangered species
  • Off-grid farming and homestead solutions
  • Presenting solutions and know-how of how to construct and manage ponds, off-grid solutions for smaller farms, homestead construction et c

Our land

Our farm is located on the countryside with an adjacent larger lake just 300 yards (270 meters) away which makes for a beautiful view and the possibility for fishing, bathing et c. Most of the land is an old field which used to be grazed by cattle and sheep but has not been in use for several years and was overgrown with common field grass and flowers - most of which we have tried to spare during construction and planning of the farm. 

Our closest neighbour is an old farm homestead with beautiful buildings dating back to the 18th century. The vast scenery breaks off in one direction with a neighbouring beautiful birch forest and continues into a wild, unkept natural forest - full of berries and mushroom. 

Wildlife is aboundant. We have roe deer, red deer, moose grazing the surrounding wildgrass fields and shrubbery. Several couples of cranes roam the area. There are plenty of amphibians such as frogs and woodland lizards, all whom most certainly will find a safe place in our ponds.